This story takes place on a Planet called Phobos were the 3 Heroes of the Story live. These heroes are: Apocalypse, a Twelve Year Old Boy, Sylvia, a Twelve Year Old Girl, and Raiden, an Eleven Year Old Boy. They live a normal life until...

Chapter 1

(At Middle School)

Apocalypse: Well I'm bored. Darnit!

Raiden: Yeah. The only fun here is the Training Grounds.

Apocalypse: Yeah, well I remember that one time when I got to the top, then tripped over someones Cyber Lance.

(In the background)

8th Grader: Hey has anyone heard that there is going to be a Cyber Battle Tournement on the 20th?

6th Grader: Really?! Sweet! I'm going to practice my Swordsplay in that matter!

Apocalypse: Hey, where is this tournement going to be?

8th Grader: Oh, it's going to be at our School's Stadium!

Apocalypse: OK! Thanks!

Raiden: What? What are they talking about?

Apocalypse: They are talking about a Tournement. At our school.

Raiden: Rea-

(Sylvia come running out the door)

Sylvia: How is school? How is everyone? How is Exodus?

Raiden: Oh God, not you...


Apocalypse: Wow... I'd never expect you to yell...

Sylvia: OK... I'll stop yelling.

Raiden: (Scared) O-O-O-OK... t-t-thanks...

(Ring Ring)

Teacher: Time for Math!

Raiden: Wait... Math?! Crap!

Sylvia: Math isn't crap. It's fun!

Apocalypse: OK, see you all at class!

Chapter 2

(After Math class)


Sylvia: Why do you not study math Raiden?


Apocalypse: Ugh... (Facepalm)

Sylvia: Fear my Angel Charm!

Apocalypse: Wait... WHAT?! You're having a Cyber Battle?!

Raiden: Yes!

Apocalypse: Don't think you will leave me out of this!

All: Cyber Battle, INITIATE!

(All warp into Cyber Zone)

Battle Program: Welcome to Cyber Zone! I am a Battle Program. Please activate your Armor Cards or Armor Charms.

Sylvia: Angel Charm!! (Angel Suit appears on her)

Raiden: Power Card!! (Power Suit appears on him)

Apocalypse: Uh... Black Card? (Black Suit appears on him) Yes! Finally my epic Black Armor appears!

Battle Program: Apocalypse has 1000 HP. Sylvia has 1300 HP. Raiden has 700 HP.

Battle Program: Apocalypse has 300 Power. Sylvia has 200 Power. Raiden has 700 Power.

Battle Program: Apocalypse has 700 Defense. Sylvia has 500 Defense. Raiden has 300 Defense.

Battle Program: GO!!

Sylvia: Angel Bow! (Shoots Angel Bow and it hits Raiden)

Battle Program: Raiden has taken 300 Damage!

Raiden: Power Sword! (Hits Sylvia with it)

Battle Program: Sylvia has taken 1299 Damage!

Sylvia: That almost took me out... I only have 1 HP Left!

Apocalypse: ACID RAIN!! (Throws Acid Rain Capsule into the air and it hits Raiden and Sylvia)

Battle Program: Sylvia has taken 500 Damage! Sylvia has been defeated!

Battle Program: Raiden has taken 500 Damage! Raiden has been defeated!

Battle Program: Apocalypse is the winner!

All: Cyber Battle end!

(Back in the real world)

Apocalypse: Don't EVER fight again or I'll give the same treatment AGAIN.

Sylvia: (Huff) (Puff) You are... good... (Huff) (Puff)

Raiden: (Huff) (Puff) No... way... (Huff) (Puff)

Teacher: Time to go students! See you all tomorrow!

Apocalypse: Finally!

Sylvia: Well, bye!

Raiden: Bye!

Apocalypse: Bye!

Chapter 3

(At Apocalypse's House)

Apocalypse: I'm home! ...... Mom? Exodus?

Exodus: Moms not here. She's at the hospital.

Apocalypse: Why?

Exodus: Genesis.

Apocalypse: He's due today?!

Exodus: Yes.

Apocalypse: I bet that he'll be able to play "The Nemesis Saga".

Exodus: I don't know. He might!

Apocalypse: Well I hope he's good at "The Neme-

(Knock) (Knock)

Exodus: Huh? Mom's back already?!

(Exodus opens the door)

Sylvia: Hi!

Raiden: Hi! We overheard that Genesis was due today! Congrats! You both now will have a Baby Brother!

Exodus: Thanks!

Apocalypse: Thanks... too bad we can't drive over there. None of us have License and we don't know how to drive. Dad died when I was little so he can't drive us... so... dang...

(In the background)

????: Hello Boys!

Apocalypse: ......! It's Grandma! Yay!

Exodus: Yay! We can all go to the hospital now!

Chapter 4

(At the hospital)

Exodus: Well we are finally in the Hosp-

(The lights go out)

Exodus: Uh... what just happened?

Apocalypse: I don't know!

Sylvia: (Scared) This is what happens in Horror Movies before the person gets killed!

Raiden: (Extremely Scared) HELP!!!

????: (Pulls out Cyber Knife) This is going to be a real life horror movie!

Raiden: Uh... Crap...

Sylvia: (Scared) EEK!!

Apocalypse: Who the heck are you?!

????: Joe Medisin.

Apocalypse: You here to kill us?!

Joe: No, just the rich girl!

Apocalypse: Well you'll have to go through me, Raiden, and Exodus first!

Joe: So, you want to die first? Then watch the blood flow down your body!

Apocalypse: Cyber Battle, INITIATE!

Chapter 5/Joe Medisin

Doctor Program: Joe Medisin HP: 5000

Doctor Program: Joe Medisin Power: 600

Doctor Program: Joe Medisin Defense: 800

Doctor Program: Battle... START!!

Joe: Vialed Poison! (Throws a vial of poison into the air and it breaks)

Apocalypse: Agh!!

Doctor Program: Apocalypse has taken 500 Damage! He has 500 HP Left!

Apocalypse: Power Blast!! (Hits Joe Medisin with Power Blast)

Joe: Agh!

Doctor Program: Joe Medisin has take 900 Damage! He has 4100 HP Left!

Exodus: Poison Spear!! (Stabs Joe Medisin)

Doctor Program: Joe Medisin has taken 400 Damage and Poison Status Ailment. He has 3700 HP Left!

Raiden: Strength Boost! (Uses it on all but Joe Medisin)

Doctor Program: Apocalypse's Power went up by 300! It is now 600!

Doctor Program: Sylvia's Power went up by 300! It is now 500!

Doctor Program: Raidens Power went up by 300! It is now 1000!

Joe: Power Blast! (Shoots it at Exodus)

Exodus: Counter Shield! (Exodus pulls out a Shield which deflects the Energy with more power)

Joe: Huh?! GAH!! (Gets hit by Power Blast)

Doctor Program: Joe Medisin has taken 1500 Damage! He has 2200 HP Left!

Apocalypse: Finisher!! Power Smash!!! (All the attack Joe Medisin with a Power Blast)

Joe: GWAH!!! (Goes flying backwards)

Doctor Program: Joe Medisin has taken 2200 Damage! He has been defeated!

All: Cyber Battle! End!

(Back in Real World)

Apocalypse: You!! Why would you need to kill Sylvia?!

Joe: That... is for you to... find out... for me... I'm just a pawn... (Grabs his Cyber Knife and kills himself)

Chapter 6

(After fight at hospital)

Apocalypse: (Injured) Huff... puff... (Falls on the floor from injuries) He... almost killed me...

Exodus: Apocalypse! You okay?

Apocalypse: Huff... I... don't know... (Falls unconcious)

Raiden: Someone! Get him to an ER!

Doctor: OK! (Brings Apocalypse to Medical Room)

Sylvia: (Scared) T-thanks guys!

Raiden: It's fine.

Exodus: Anytime.

(Six Hours Later)

Apocalypse: Ugh... where... am... I...? GAH!!

Doctor: You're badly injured and poisoned from the Poison Vial that the evil guy hit you with.

Apocalypse: I... need to go... home...

Exodus: No Apocalypse! You're too injured. You have to stay here!

Sylvia: Yeah.

Raiden: Don't worry, we'll be fine! By the way you have a little visitor coming in through the door.

Apocalypse's/Exodus'/Genesis' Mother: Apocalypse! Are you okay?

Apocalypse: Ugh... I'm poisoned...

Genesis: (Is sleeping)

Apocalypse: I see... I have... a new... Baby Brother... right...? Guh... (Falls unconcious again)

Sylvia: Well I have to go now. Bye! (Leaves the room)

Raiden: Same here, I have dinner and homework. Bye! (Leaves the room also)

Chapter 7

Exodus: ... I'm bored. I wonder how Apocalypse is doing...

Sylvia: It's boring at the current time. And the tournement is tomorrow.

Raiden: Who cares about the tournement?! Let's go visit Apocalypse!

(30 Minutes Later)

Apocalypse: Uh... you guys... you should go see the... tournement...

Raiden: Are you sure?

Apocalypse: Yes... I'm sure...

(On the TV)

Reporter: The Tournement is tomorrow. If you are participating, please sign up or get ready.

Sylvia: I guess I kind of want to participate. I want to see how long I can go without being defeated.

Raiden: Same here.

Exodus: Yeah.

Apocalypse: Go... then! (Tries to fall asleep) I'll try to get some... sleep.

Sylvia: Let's go then!

Raiden: (Walks out door to go to Tournement to sign up)