1. No swearing/cursing/cussing. If you do you get instantly banned for a small amount of time. The more you say the words the longer you'll be banned and eventually you'll be Permanently Banned from Chat.

2. No Spamming. If you do you'll be warned up to 6 Times and then be Banned from Chat.

3. No links with horror, sexuality, or swearing in them. Those will get you instantly banned. The only exception for horror is on Halloween. The only exception of Sexuality is kissing but only on Valentines day.

4. Respect Chat Mods, Rollbacks, Admins, Buerecrats, and Founder or you could get banned for a short time.

5. No hating on users. This could get you banned for some time.

6. No Justin Beiber or Rebbeca Black song links. These will get you instantly banned.

7. Have fun!

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