This is the story of an Private in WW2,Captain in the Korean War and General in the Vietnam War...

Chapter 1: Joining the ArmyEdit

Mark Peterson was siting on his porch,waiting for his newspaper,and he knew that the deleviryboy was always late,but today,he came earlier than before...

"Urgent News! Read in Papers" said the boy,while he was throwing Mark's newpaper infront their side-walk.

Mark went and he bought up the paper,and something got his attention...the head-line...


Then he went to sit,back on his chair on the porch,and he started reading:

"The Japanese Airforce made an attack on the American Navy Harbor,on December 7th,08:30 AM, destroying half of the fleet of the American Navy. Causlties are 2,500 and 5,000 people are wounded...."

Mark came inside and he showed his parents the paper,then he asked if he could ask to join the Army:

"Dad,I'm going to join the Army for revenge"

"Son,think...who do you want to fight against..?...the Germans or the Japanese..?"


"That isn't possible"

"Okay,then..the Germans"

Suddenly their talk was interupted cause of the radio:

"URGENT NEWS,Nazi Germany has decleared war on America and the American people,the recruiting number will be decided later today,and now will we contuine with "Smooth-Jazz""

"Dad,I'm gonna to join"

The parents hugged their beloved child,and they waved. Mark got into a Taxi,and he said "To the Recruitment Center" .

Chapter 2Edit